23rd, February 2015

Apple Elderflower Chicken Tray Bake

Apple Elderflower Chicken Bake WholeI have to say one of the best things about working with Twinings is getting to taste the amazing new teas they produce. I’ve always been an elderflower lover and to this day still if it is on the drinks menu 9/10 I will order it so when I was asked to create a recipe with their new Apple and Elderflower Loose Leaf Tea I was beyond thrilled. Firstly the tea is AMAZING very elderflower and fruity and you can really taste all the flavours. It has to be one of my favourite teas! This apple elderflower chicken tray bake is a great midweek meal.
Apple Elderflower Chicken Bake PlatePar boiled carrots and butternut squash are roasted alongside sweet and sharp apples and chicken breasts which is dressed in a delicious apple elderflower marinade, before being roasted. Pecans add crunch and tender stem broccoli add colour. I am not ashamed to say I ate 2+ portions of this and was reluctant to share with the family because it was that good! PLUSSSS NO CARBS! Another excuse why I should of demolished this single handedly.
For the recipe, head over to the Twinings site!

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18th, February 2015

Vanilla Malted Milkshake Cake

Vanilla Malted Milkshake CakeI thought I’d make you a cake based on one of my favourite types of milkshakes. This vanilla malted milkshake cake is inspired by a vanilla malt shake that I always make during the warmer summer months. I blend vanilla ice cream with milk and heaps and heaps of ovaltine powder, then garnished with whipped cream and grated chocolate. YUM!! Continue Reading

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16th, February 2015

Oreo Pretzel Brownies

Oreo Pretzel BrowniesSo I decided to take a short break from the fruit based recipes and play with all chocolatey which ended up with me making oreo pretzel brownies. I was going to make this a Valentine’s recipe and sprinkle on some pink red and white sprinkles until I realised I didn’t have any and Valentines day isn’t the same with pretty pinks and reds in my opinion. Continue Reading

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