18th, April 2014

Biscoff Ice Cream Sandwich

Biscoff Ice CreamI know everyone is in the midst of the Easter baking but this year I decided not to do any easter bakes and make ice cream instead. After recently receiving my Andrew James Ice Cream Machine, I can’t get enough of making frozen desserts. Last week I made hibiscus grapefruit sorbet, which lasted no longer than a day, so for our dessert on Easter Sunday, we’re having this very un-traditional biscoff ice cream which on the day will be stuffed into HOT CROSS BUNS!! This ice cream came about on my recent venture to the local supermarket, where I came across the famous Biscoff spread from lotus, in the jam/spread aisle for only 99p each! You know fo’sho that I had to get at least 4 jars. 2 of the smooth and 2 of the crunchy along with some of their biscuits. As soon as I saw the spread I knew it was destined for biscoff ice cream complete with crunchy bits. Biscoff Ice Cream SandwichBiscoff ice cream isn’t one of the most creative flavours I could come up with but it is just perfect.  The base isn’t overly sweet, with hints of salt and spiced buttery spread, followed by the crunch of caramelised biscuit.  All the flavours and texture work, making the speculoos ice cream just something you have to keep in your freezer. Continue Reading

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11th, April 2014

Hibiscus Grapefruit Sorbet + Winner

Hibiscus Grapefruit Sorbet TCan we just skip everything and just admire the purpley red colour of the hibiscus grapefruit sorbet for a while. I mean it’s just so pretty and reminds me of vibrant tropical flowers. I am fairly familiar with this flower, but where I’m from we know it as sorrel. Sorrel leaves traditional form a drink which my family tend to make at Christmas,  but on occasions we make it at other times during the year. It is boiled and flavoured with ginger and spices, then sugar is added. Hibiscus-Grapefruit-SorbetThe drink is perfect hot or cold and hopefully I will share the hibiscus/sorrel in the way I’m most familiar with. As soon as I bought these flowers I immediately thought of my blogger friend Jessica from Jessiker Bakes, who is from Jamaica. Imagine living by the beach, in the warm sun eating my hibiscus grapefruit sorbet.Hibiscus-Grapefruit-Sorbet-01Although eating hibiscus grapefruit sorbet on the beach would be amazing,  it’s just so good to eat in any weather ANYWHERE! The hibiscus grapefruit sorbet is bright in colour and taste with hints of floral notes, with a smidge of bitterness from the grapefruit.  Ginger syrup has also been added but it’s not there to provide spiciness. The ginger is there to round off the flavours and bring them together. Continue Reading

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7th, April 2014

Double Chocolate Orange Carrot Cake + Flash Giveaway

Double Chocolate Orange Carrot Cake

We all know that carrot cake is a bake that always pops up around easter time. Usually it comes in the form of a spiced carrot cake, with or withour walnuts and raisins, depending on your preference, frosted with cream cheese. My version is a twist on a traditional carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, in this double chocolate orange carrot cake. I used to work at Hummingbird Bakery and my main job role was to prepare the brownies, whoopie pie, a few of the cake mixtures and a chocolate cream cheese filling. The chocolate cream cheese filling went on top of their frosted brownie and it was by far my favourite thing to eat. Literally scraping the bowl.

Dc-orange-carrot-wedgeSo I thought I’d recreate the frosting and frost it on top of a spiced carrot cake with the addition of chocolate chips and walnuts in the batter making it a double chocolate orange carrot cake. Usually, I’m a carrot cake purist. No nuts, no raisins. I’m just not down with the crunchy bits in the cake and raisins are a big no no in general. In the cake used Green & Blacks milk chocolate bar cut into chips and in the frosting, I used their Milk Chocolate infused with blood orange. Continue Reading

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