18th, May 2015

Thyme Blackberry Corn Cupcakes

Thyme Blackberry Corn CupcakesI’m usually all about the sweet and salty. But now I’m all about the sweet and savoury with these thyme blackberry corn cupcakes that will literally blow your mind. Vegetables in cakes is nothing new. Think carrot cake, choc courgette cake, choc beet cake and sweet potato/pumpkin cake. But now it’s time for the sweetcorn to shine. Continue Reading

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15th, May 2015

Berry Margarita Semifreddo

strawberry raspberry margarita semifreddoDesserts with alcohol for me is the best thing in the world in my opinion. I mean why do we have to choose between dessert and a cocktail when we can have both? Not that I’m not going to have a cocktail with the dessert though! Berry margarita semifreddo is summer waiting to happen. Tangy booze laced dessert with a sweet and salty edge just like a berry margarita.
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24th, April 2015

Pretzel Oreo Brownie Shake

Pretzel Oreo Brownie ShakePretzel oreo brownie shake. Phew! That was one heck of a mouthful and that is also exactly how many mouthfuls it took me to gulp down this shake. A rich creamy and thick milkshake made with all things that are right with the world. Oreos, brownies, pretzels, ice cream and booze. Usually I’m not a huge milkshake person but had a massive craving for something decadent and creamy. Continue Reading

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