22nd, March 2014

Currently Loving #4


For my current love of citrus, almond blood orange cake
I’m crazy for this salted caramel macadamia goodness
Beautiful colours and flavours in this Mediterranean wild rice 
Funfetti cake with a layer of cheesecake is a no brainer
Using hollowed out pomegranate to hold a vibrant tabouli salad, genius!
One of my favourite cake bloggers is back with a sweet and salty cake
More citrusy stuff in the form of lemon & thyme chocolate chip cookies
More salted caramel goodies that I just can’t resist
Perfect spring time lobster pappardelle with zucchini
Aren’t these the cutest key lime bites ever!
Such beautiful fresh flavour in this raspberry pistachio tart
The colours going on in this salad. Healthy & beautiful
Vibrant roasted strawberry lemonade
Can I please have this seared salmon for dinner? Thank you
Chai tea ice cream sandwiches, that are VEGAN too!
Ice cream for breakfast? No brainer
Forget Indian takeaway, I’m having this

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8 responses to “Currently Loving #4”

  1. Thanks so much for including my cookie cups!!

  2. Thanks so much for including my pappardelle. You’re so nice :) Have a great weekend Rochelle.

  3. Rochelle, thank you so much for mentioning my cookies in this post. You’re da best!!

  4. This is a fun post! And thanks so much for the salad shout-out :) You are the sweetest!

  5. Em says:

    The picture of blood oranges is absolutely stunning!

  6. This is a sexy link round up, and I’m loving the grapefruit! Great minds think alike. :)

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