12th, February 2014

Currently Loving: Valentine’s Day Edition

Man this cake! It’s sky high, pink and red velvet cake layers
Lobster fra diavolo is my kind of lunch/dinner
Pancakes, heart shaped, with chocolate sauce. Raspberry heart pancakes
For you hubby, bf, lover, whoever, chocolate frosted donuts with kettle chips
Can I have these heart shaped cinnamon rolls for breakfast please?
This hot chocolate is INSANE
Pink strawberry glazed vanilla bean donuts, with sprinkles. Cute!
Ultimate seductive saucy marriage pudding
Nothing more valentine’s than red velvet macarons
For the PB lover in your life, PB blondies
Totally adorable chocolate covered strawberry layer cakes
Totally not food related, chic pink and gold nails

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4 responses to “Currently Loving: Valentine’s Day Edition”

  1. Thanks for the link love, Rochelle! Hope you have a super-sweet Valentine’s Day. :) xo

  2. loving this roundup chick – great diversity of deliciously sweet treats!

  3. This is such a fun idea! Love how you wrote it out!

  4. Oh my gosh! These all look so good! Thanks for the line up! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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